Welcome to Documentation for Katalon Store plugins

All the documentation you need to know to successfully install, configure and manage your Katalon Store plugins can be found here. We keep the documentation as up to date and correct as possible, so your feedback is more than welcome.

We recommend you go over the documentation of each plugin, to get an overview of what you will be working with. This comprehensive documentation is the quickest way to get answers to many of your questions.

Quick user’s guides

Check out these resources to learn how to install and activate plugins from store:

Getting Started

Access to store in Katalon Studio

Develop new plugins

If you are brand new to Katalon Store and want to jump into developing a new plugin, familiarize yourself with Guidelines to create your first Katalon Studio plugin or Custom Keywords plugin.

Submit and publish plugins

After succesfully developing the plugins, here is where you can find complete instructions of how to list your work to Katalon Store.

Support or Contact

Katalon Community

For technical and product-specific questions, please post your questions to the Plugin topic in Katalon forum. We have a team of product specialists and community users to assist with your issues.

Contact Us

Having trouble with Pages? Check out our documentation or contact us via store@katalon.com and we’ll help you sort it out.